BI Documenter 4.2 Released

I’ve been meaning to blog this for a while but since I’ve been on the road for the past month I’ve been pretty busy. This past January, BI Documenter version 4.2 was released by Pragmatic Works. With it comes some pretty cool upgrades and some new functionality.

One of the biggest improvements was the upgrade to the SQL Server Instance Snapshot functionality. It is now possible to include in your documentation Backup Devices, SQL Agent Jobs, and Server Configurations. Personally, I’ve been waiting for the ability to document SQL Agent Jobs so I’m very excited about this release. There’s also many other improvements to the SQL Server Instance Snapshot functionality, so head over to to check out the other improvements.

Theres also a couple new enhancements that are really nice. Now you have the option to output your documentation in MS Help 2 format. Also, BI Documenter can now document Analysis Services Mining Structures.

With the ability to document SQL Servers, SSIS packages, SSRS reports, and SSAS cubes, its certainly the most encompassing SQL documentation tool out there. If you’re searching for a one stop documentation tool for your SQL Server environment, definitely check out BI Documenter.

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