BI xPress Version 3.2.1 Released

Earlier this month on the 14th, version 3.2.1 of BI xPress was released. With this release comes a few nice improvements that increase the ease of use.

One of the major improvements with this release (and to be honest its about time) is the ability to view packages that have been stopped by some external source (i.e. the user, the operating system, etc.). The stopped packages will now appear highlighted in blue in the Package Execution viewer. Previously it was impossible to tell which packages had been stopped by the end user, but with this improvement it’s not possible to tell which package has been manually stopped by the end user.

Packages that have not started execution are white, packages currently executing appear in yellow, packages that have successfully executed appear in green, packages that have failed are red, and packages that have been stopped are now blue.

One of the other nice improvements is the ability to detect invalid file paths for configuration files. If the file path for a configuration file cannot be found, the configuration will appear underlined and highlighted in red in the Configuration Manager.

There’s a host of other improvements and bug fixes in this release. To read the full release notes, go here. To download the trial version of BI xPress, head over to

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