SQLRally Voting Opens to the Community

PASS SQLRally 2012 voting is now open! There’s tons of great sessions out there and many of them have been submitted by some of my good friends here at Pragmatic Works. While voting look for great sessions presented by Pragmatic Works experts like

  • Adam Jorgensen
  • Chris Albrektson
  • Gareth Swanepol
  • Dan Clark
  • Brad Schacht
  • and me, too!

Make sure you head over to SQLRally.com and cast your vote! You can vote for as many sessions as you want but you can only vote once, so make your selections wisely! Yours truly has also submitted a few sessions that are currently up for vote! Here are my sessions up for vote and their descriptions.

Zero to Cube – Fast Track to Analytics
This session has been updated for SQL Server 2012. It is consistently a top session from previous events like SQLRally and PASS Summit. Come interact with your speaker and audience like you never have before. This session is 100% demo, packed full of fun and will get you up and running on Analysis Services 2008R2 and 2012 right away!

SSIS For Your Data Warehouse
The ability of SQL Server Integration Services to easily bring together multiple data sources makes it the perfect ETL tool for loading your data warehouse. Loading your data warehouse quickly and efficiently, however, is not always easy. In this session, we’ll explore some advanced techniques for loading your data warehouse and help you overcome some of the learning curve associated with SSIS. The topics discussed will include handling late arriving facts, loading slowly changing dimensions efficiently, and more.

SSIS Unleashed: Expressions and Variables Edition
One of the most powerful aspects of SSIS is the ability to create dynamic and powerful packages utilizing package variables and the SSIS expression language. Unfortunately, the SSIS expression language is also one of the more difficult features to learn regarding SSIS. In this session we will walk through the syntax of the SSIS expression language, common uses for SSIS expressions, as well as some more advanced ways to fully realize the power of SSIS.

Tackling the SSRS Expression Language
The SSRS expression language is one of the most powerful pieces when it comes to creating dynamic reports. Unfortunately, for reporting developers the SSRS expression language is also one of the more difficult features to use regarding SSRS. During this session we will walk through the syntax of the SSRS expression language, how and where to use the expressions, as well as some advanced ways to truly reveal the true power of your reports.

Now that you’re informed, go cast your vote!

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