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Microsoft & R Programming Session Materials & Resources Available

Last Thursday night I had the pleasure of speaking with Gregory Kramer and his friends at the Madison, WI Power BI User Group. We took an introductory look at how Microsoft’s acquisition of Revolution Analytics is making serious waves across the Microsoft data platform. We also walked through leveraging R in Power BI and SQL Server 2016.

New to R & Power BI? Start here.

R visuals in Power BI

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TSQL Script to Find Foreign Key References to a Given Column

It’s always kind of a pain to have to hunt down all those foreign key references so you can address the issues. So I put this script together (based on a script found on StackOverflow) in order to help me find all the required information related to a particular column in a specified table. I’m mostly posting this for my own reference later and for anyone else that may find this useful, so enjoy!

SELECT OBJECT_NAME(f.object_id) as ForeignKeyConstraintName,
    OBJECT_NAME(f.parent_object_id) TableName,
    COL_NAME(fk.parent_object_id,fk.parent_column_id) ColumnName,
    OBJECT_NAME(fk.referenced_object_id) as ReferencedTableName,
    COL_NAME(fk.referenced_object_id,fk.referenced_column_id) as ReferencedColumnName

FROM sys.foreign_keys AS f
    INNER JOIN sys.foreign_key_columns AS fk 
        ON f.OBJECT_ID = fk.constraint_object_id
    INNER JOIN sys.tables t
        ON fk.referenced_object_id = t.object_id

WHERE OBJECT_NAME(fk.referenced_object_id) = 'your table name'
    and COL_NAME(fk.referenced_object_id,fk.referenced_column_id) = 'your key column name'

Here’s a picture of what the results look like. I ran this query against the ReportServer database used for SSRS in case you were wondering.

T-SQL to find FK key columns

If you want to find every Foreign Key in your database, just eliminate the Where clause to bring back all the FKs. Hopefully you found this as useful as I did.

T-SQL Script to Dynamically Create Table, Build Clustered Columnstore Index, and Partition Switch

Recently myself and Mitchell Pearson (blog|twitter) were working on a project for a client that required us to load a ton of data (dozens of TBs) into some tables each built with a clustered columnstore index. We discovered during testing that the fastest way to get that much data into the clustered columnstore index is to create an empty uncompressed table, load the data into the uncompressed table, then apply the clustered columnstore index to the table, and partition switch the data into the main table. In order to facilitate this, I created this script to dynamically create a copy of the target table (without the columnstore index), create the clustered columnstore index, and then do the partition switch automatically.

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