Sneak Peek: Advanced Conditional Split Transform in Task Factory 3.0


You may have seen my previous blog post a couple weeks back highlighting some of the neat things the dev team of Pragmatic Works is including in the latest build of Task Factory. Well I was doing some more sneaking around and I was able to snag these screen shots of the new and still experimental Advanced Conditional Split Transform!

I think one of the biggest and coolest improvements is the new functions made available for us in Advanced Conditional Split Transform. IMG_8328You’ll notice the editor for this transform is very similar to the Advanced Derived Column Transform we looked at last time. Now you have access to a ton more functions and expression that allow you to do some very cool things, like data cleansing with Regex, encrypting/decrypting fields, and access parts of file names with an expression. The SSIS expression language has been vastly improved and expanded in these transforms and is now more intuitive and easier to use than ever before.

IMG_8327One of the other things that is new with the Advanced Conditional Split transform included in Task Factory 3.0 is the ability to test and validate expressions within the editor for the Advanced Conditional Split transform. Not only can you validate your expressions in the editor before run time, you can actually test the performance of the expression you have written by specifying a number of iterations to test the expression with. This should give you a good idea of how the expression will perform during run time. This is a feature we haven’t had before. Now those of us who are SSIS developers will be able to test, fine tune, and retest our SSIS expressions!

This new generation of SSIS tasks and transforms are going to change the way I build my SSIS packages due to the new flexibility and power. Stay tuned for future posts on some of the incredible improvements and additions that are going to be available in the next version of Task Factory by Pragmatic Works.

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