Sneak Peek: Super Advanced Derived Column Transform In Next Release of Task Factory

Don’t ask how I was able to acquire these screenshots or what favors I may or may not have performed in order to snag these pics of the next release of Task Factory. I’m not proud of what I’ve become. But the fact of the matter is that Task Factory 3.0 is going to be insane!

Task Factory 3.0 has about 10 or so new tasks and transforms that radically expand the power of SSIS. One of the new Data Flow transforms included in Task Factory 3.0 is the Advanced Derived Column Transform. The Advanced Derived Column Transform includes a ridiculous amount of new expressions and functions. Sources tell me to expect around 180 or so total functions in the Advanced Derived Column Transform.

I snagged these screenshots which show some of the new functions. You can see what appears to be a host of Regular Expression functions available for use in the transform! Yes! It’s about time!


Also, it appears there a bunch of pretty interesting functions having to do with parsing file paths and names, such as GetDirectoryName, GetFileName, and GetFullPath, among others.


One of the coolest features of the Advanced Derived Column Transform that I’m really excited about is the Expression Validation pane. Not only can you validate your expression and preview the expression results, you can also test your expression for performance!


This new version of Task Factory is going to be sick. Keep on eye on for news of the release, which I’m told should be sometime in the next month. I’ll keep you posted so keep checking back here for more information.

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