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BI xPress Report Deployment Tool

imageIf you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ve probably seen me blog about BI xPress because its such an awesome tool. I use BI xPress on every gig I go on, even if the client has not purchased a license. There’s been several great enhancements since the earlier versions of BI xPress, but one of the more useful is the new Report Deployment Tool.

The practical need the Report Deployment Tool meets for the SSRS developer or administrator is the need to easily and quickly deploy SSRS reports from one environment to the next. With its drag and drop interface, I can move SSRS reports from the QA environment up to Production (or any other environment within my domain) simply by dragging and dropping the report.

After connecting to both SSRS servers, I can easily compare which reports exist in one environment versus the next. I can also bi-directionally move reports that are ready for deployment into Production.

I would highly recommend this tool for anyone who finds themselves facing challenging SSRS report deployment scenarios or for anyone who just wants to very easily move reports across servers in a split second. To learn more about BI xPress and the Report Deployment Tool, head over here.