Power BI Tips, Tricks & Best Practices Webinar Recording & Materials Now Available


Thank you to everyone that attended my Power BI webinar last month, September 29th. Sorry its taken me a while to finally make the information available, but my schedule has been crazy lately! The good news is, however, the recording is available! So if you weren’t able to watch the webinar live, you can still catch the recording anytime you like.

View the Power BI webinar recording

Also, if you’d like to play along or create your own Power BI dashboards using the temperature and precipitation data I used in the webinar, I’ve made the files available to download in the following link. I’ve also included the .pbix file which includes a few example dashboards I developed using the data. Feel free to download the materials and have a go at it!

Download the Power BI model files and data

Questions & Answers

There were tons of questions I received during the webinar and there’s no possible way I can answer all of them, but I figured I’d at least take a look at a few.

Q: Is Power BI Desktop free?

A: It sure is! And you can download it here.

Q: Where do we begin to learn more information on the setup/security?

A: At this point Power BI is changing so fast that the best resource we have available is the knowledge base at www.PowerBI.com, which you can find here. There’s a Power BI whitepaper floating around out there, but even that is quickly becoming out of date. Microsoft has recommended that the Power BI Knowledge Base be used as the best source of information on Power BI.

Q: Is there a possibility for drill-down in the visualizations?

A: Since my webinar, this feature has been added! Just download the latest version and get crackin’! You can learn more about the drill down functionality here.

Q: How is data refreshed on the Power BI site?

A: Data can be manually refreshed by selecting Refresh Now or the refresh operation can be scheduled. In order to schedule a data refresh for on-prem data sources, its important to note that the Power BI Personal Gateway is installed on the server where the data exists. To learn more about refreshing your data in Power BI, read this.


Thank you again for attending my webinar and viewing my recording. If you have any questions regarding the webinar or Power BI, feel free to leave a question below!

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