Migrating Away From Informatica To SSIS? You’ll Need Workflow Profiler


If you’ve been paying attention to this blog or PragmaticWorks.com, you probably picked up on the fact that Pragmatic Works has put together a new service offering for those companies currently running Informatica as their ETL tool of choice and are sick and tired of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in licensing (and in some cases millions of dollars! o_O!!). Pragmatic Works is now offering to quickly and efficiently migrate their clients from Informatica to SQL Server. One of the ways Pragmatic Works makes this process less painful is by using their tool, Workflow Profiler.

The primary goal of Workflow Profiler is to fully document your Informatica PowerCenter MetaData environment very quickly, thus giving you a better idea of just how much effort could be required during the migration process. This information is displayed in a series of detailed reports viewable in Workflow Profiler.

Reports, such as the Widget Distribution Summary Report, give you a detailed analysis of your Widget distribution.

Reports like the Workflow Detail Report, Mapping Summary Report, Mapping Detail Report, and many others display all types of information regarding your Workflows, including widget usage, what tasks are used in the workflows, which workflows use parameter files and more.

There is also the Workflow Execution Summary Report. This report displays all kind of performance data and metrics including execution status, performance numbers for each workflow and even individual tasks, and success/failed row counts for sources and targets for each session task.

If you’re looking for more insight into your Informatica environment and would like to know more about what kind of performance you’re getting out of your Workflows, I recommend checking out Workflow Profiler. Download the free trial here.

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