Migrating From Informatica To SSIS?


If you’re even considering migrating your Informatica Workflows to SSIS packages, you’re going to need a clear understanding of the level of difficulty you’re going to be up against. That’s where Workflow Profiler comes in.

The Workflow Profiler allows you to gather a complete list of of repository objects at the most granular level with the goal of determining their reusability. The Workflow Profilers also identifies connections utilized within the Workflows. Once the workflows have been documented, detailed reports are generated detailing the objects contained in the Informatica workflows.

First, identify the repository connection.

Then select the Workflows you want to document.

Next, you can select the type of report you’d like to generate. You can also specify if you would like to filter out certain types of objects.

And you’re report is ready for viewing and exporting to Excel, Word, or PDF formats.

Head over to PragmaticWorks.com and download the free trial of Workflow Profiler. If you’re considering migrating your ETL to SSIS, this is a tool you don’t want to miss out on.

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