Comparing and Syncing Data With Data Inspector


Earlier this month Pragmatic Works released Workbench. Workbench combines the powerful tools many of you are already using with an entire host of new, powerful features part of DBA xPress.

DBA xPress features tools designed to make designing, maintaining, and administering your SQL Server databases easier than before. Now you can easily do things like visually navigate your databases, visualize schema dependencies, compare, synchronize, script, and navigate schemas, and more.


One of my personal favorite tools included with DBA xPress is the Data Inspector. Data Inspector allows you to create a comparison between the data stored in two different databases. Not only can you compare the data between databases, but you can also copy the data from one database to another.

With Data Inspector, there are three ways to sync data between databases. Data can either be synced directly between databases with the Data Inspector Synchronization Wizard,

a script can be generated to synchronize the data for you, or a hybrid of the first two options will directly sync the data and generate the script for you.

I’m very excited about this tool and am looking forward to using it to speed up my data warehouse development projects. Head over to and check out DBA xPress.

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