Pragmatic Works is Hiring! Mid/Senior B.I. and DBA Peeps!

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If four years ago you had told me that I’d be working for a company like Pragmatic Works, I wouldn’t have believed you. Simply put, working at Pragmatic Works and doing what I do is the best job I’ve ever had, for many reasons. Here’s a few of them.

The culture at Pragmatic Works is awesome. You might think with a rock star cast of experienced B.I. and SQL professionals like we have here at PW that the culture would be cut throat, every man/diva for himself, but its quite the opposite.  The guys here are humble and focused on helping each other learn and grow. I’ve seen it happen time and time again where somebody will hit a wall with a project or come up against a road block, and several guys on our team will take time out of their schedule, possibly after hours, to help overcome the issue. This isn’t the exception either. This behavior is a regular occurrence. Although we are a consulting firm, we are very much a team! Check out our Company Culture points at

One of the other very cool things about working at Pragmatic Works is that we are constantly encouraged to speak at community events. We even receive compensation for speaking at awesome events like PASS Summit, SQL Rally, or SQL Saturdays. It’s pretty cool to be able to be a part of the SQL community and help others learn. This is one of the passions of the PW team.

If you’re in the job market for a Mid or Senior Business Intelligence Consultant or Senior DBA position, get in touch with me ASAP! There is work to be done!

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